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Inkpromptu Op.275 | "IInterwovven Souls"

Inkpromptu Op.275 | "IInterwovven Souls"

€ 110,00Price

Composed by Massimo Moretti

Ink on paper | cm 14x19 ca | 2021

Passpartout: Yes

Passpartout measure: cm 30x40

Autographed copy: Yes

Certificate of authenticity: Yes

Original copy: Yes

Official cataloging: Yes

  • Passpartout

    This work is equipped with Chamfered passepartout (cut of the inner window at 45 degrees)

    Passpartout info

    External measure: cm 30x40

    Interior window : cm 13,5x18

    Thickness: cm 0,2

    Color: White ivory

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