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Massimo Moretti | Artist


Massimo Moretti is an Italian composer. He studied piano, composition, instrumentation for concert bands and film music at the "Arrigo Boito" Conservatoire of Parma, Italy. He has composed music for piano, chamber music and music for orchestra. In 2007, he founded “Maxmoremusic Original Soundtracks”. Over the past years he has also composed "ad hoc" music for important national and international brands. Massimo Moretti has never drawn or even ever thought of drawing before. Recently, however, he was overtaken by an unexpected and uncontrollable desire to release energy, unexpressed until that moment using an extra-musical language. Through swift, frenzied, instinctive and above all natural gestures and movements, he started to create the Inkpromptus collection, a name that comes from the total improvisation of the works and also thanks to its parallelism with music. A strong component of originality is attributed to Massimo Moretti’s artworks, which are easily recognized both for the mode of execution dictated by a particular psycho-emotional state, as for the technique utilized, unique among the myriad of contemporary international art production. 

The work Inkpromptu Op.125 | "Interwoven silences" was exhibited during the 58th Venice Biennale and at "La Fabbrica del Vapore" in Milan.

Some works by Massimo Moretti have been included in the prestigious Rosini Gutman collection

“Massimo Moretti, a composer who discovered his inner visual artist in a moment of sudden enlightenment, creates his artwork impulsively, as if in a state of trance, giving life to music, a movement of the soul that transforms a gesture into powerful images, both internal and external.
He is all immersed in the ink he frenetically distributes on the blank sheet, drop by drop, in a flicker of a moment, raptured by his creative spirit. That being passionate, resonates uncontrolled within and without realizing one begins to feel and before we even know it, we are seduced! Much as in love.”

[Manuela Bartolotti | Art Historian and Art Critic]

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