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Massimo Moretti | Composer












Massimo Moretti was born in Imperia 1971 and is an Italian composer.

He studied piano, composition, band instrumentation and film music. Meeting the Maestro Luchino Belmonti was most certainly a turning point in his musical career. Thanks to this great composer he was able to master the fundamentals of orchestration, as well as have the opportunity to learn and study the "Music theory of the integral scale" devised by Maestro Belmonti himself. After having absorbed the teachings of Maestro Belmonti he decided to leave Imperia to continue his studies at the Conservatoire of Turin and later at the Conservatoire of Parma. In 1996 he took part in a Master Class held by Maestro Gyorgy Ligeti .

His innate predisposition towards composing music for moving images gave him the opportunity to distinguish himself in the Course of Experimental Film Music held at the Conservatoire of Parma (which at the time was the first of its kind in Italy).

This course gave him the possibility of gaining experience in composing music for piano, chamber ensemble and orchestra, in order to accompany the moving images of films during a live performance, a typical practice of the 1920s.

In 1997, the Ultrapadum Festival commissioned the Conservatoire of Parma an original soundtrack to be performed during the screening of the film "The Son of the sheikh” by George Fitzmaurice (the last film in which Rudolph Valentino starred in 1926). The Conservatoire entrusted the work to Massimo who together with his ensemble, performed a 60-minute score.

During his conservatoire years, he wrote a series of works for Concerts, Documentaries, Corporate videos and Cinema.

As a composer and orchestrator he has collaborated with Italian and foreign orchestras (Philharmonic Orchestra of Sanremo, Sanremo Symphony Orchestra, Amadeus Orchestra, Soloists of Parma, Archaeus Ensemble, Orchestra of the Chi- Mei Fine Arts Foundation of Taiwan, Orchestra of the Busseto Music Festival).

His music has been broadcast by many international TV networks including RAI 1, RAI 2, RAI 3, Canale 5, RETE 4, ITALY 1, RAI INTERNATIONAL, RAI SAT, FRANCE TV, SKY etc.).

In the past, he was also a member of the Artistic Direction of the Festival of the Maritime Alps (Italy).

In 2007, he founded MAXMOREMUSIC Original Soundtracks.

Since 2009, he has composed music for the advertising industry working with some of the top advertising agencies and production companies. Among the brands for which he composes original music worthy of mention are Paramount, Discovery Channel, Omega, Rado Watch, Sector, Fiat, Volvo, Pinko, Benetton, Sisley, Sector, Pirelli, Parmacotto, Einaudi, Consorzio del Prosciutto di Parma, Chiesi etc.

In 2015 he wrote the soundtrack for the animated short film "The ballad of the homeless" by the director Monica Manganelli with whom they won the Los Angeles festival and were selected for the Oscar.

The same year he won the Athens Festival for best soundtrack.

Massimo Moretti over the years has developed a personal poetry that can be clearly perceived when listening to his concert music, as well as the music he has composed for many advertisements.

This constant research of what he calls ‘sonorous habitat’ has most certainly been influenced by great Maestros such as Luchino Belmonti and Philip Glass. This musical awareness, filtered through his sensitivity, has enabled him to achieve great creative serenity that has led him to release all the music that has been playing in his mind for years.

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